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Where does my sushi come from? What are salmon farms? Is that where I went to when I was younger? Isn't farmed salmon more sustainable than consuming wild salmon? Why is it such a big issue? How does this affect me? I think I saw some news about the Blood Water? All these questions and so much more will be answered in the project.

The salmon farming industry has been in British Columbia for over thirty years yet, it continues to be an unfamiliar topic to several locals. Recent campaigns and events have brought it more attention but the complete story remains unredeemed in popular media. This project aims to tell the narrative from beginning to present - the plight of the wild salmon and the Indigenous peoples, and the stories of the groups who have been at the front lines.


Through four chapters in this podcast, learn everything you need to know about the ecological and social issue of salmon farming in BC. Hear from the various experts on the field: scientists, politicians, industry & non-profit directors, photographers and frontline Indigenous warriors. Find out why this is the last stand for wild salmon and how you can help save them.

The podcast/audio documentary format is chosen to make the story accessible to all people at all times. It is inspired by Radiolab and allows the audience to be informed and educated even throughout their busy lifestyles. This project is developed and produced in partnership with Embark Sustainability and CJSF 90.1FM Radio.


We regret to inform you that the final two chapters were not completed due to major technical issues which led to lost of data. We hope you still find information and value from the first two chapters.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for further questions and concerns. Thank you for your support nonetheless.


Take Action

Support the Indigenous Groups:


   Cleansing our Waters

   Swanson Occupation

Learn More About the Issue:

   Living Oceans Society 

   Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Add Your Voice to the Movement:

   Safe Salmon

   Wild First

   Sea Legacy


Links to Media 

About Salmon Farms: Videos from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 

About the Blood Water and Glass Sponge Reefs: Videos from Tavish Campbell


List of Sources


Chapter I: The Vanishing Cycle 

Sources Cited

Chapter II: Unceded Waters

Sources Cited


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